#2 – Show and Tell is Still Alive!

Baby Blog is still alive and well!  Blog #2 here we go…

Why did I pick Show and Tell 808 as the name that I chose for my baby blog?   When I decided to blog I thought about what theme, topics or issues I may want to share.  Answer was that I had no specific topic!  None whatsoever! As I have random thoughts all day long…how can I possibly stay focused on just a few things????

So it took me back to my grade school days when we use to have show and tell.  You bring something from home that means a lot to you or you just thought it was super cool and you share it with your class.  Well, blogging and having a social media account is some what a virtual show and tell in today’s world.  Of course, some show more than others and some just tell a story…hence, the birth of ShowAndTell808.

Oh…the 808 was because ShowAndTell was already taken so I had pick a different title and whats more obvious than where I am from…the 808 State, Hawaii!!!!!!!



P.S.  Dear Blog,

  1.  Trump is still president.
  2. Pippa Middleton Ties the Knot (The sister of that Kate Middleton that married a prince)
  3. #Girlboss is the current Netflix Binge Series I am on.
  4. Maui officially will ban Polystyrene Containers for Take Outs effective 2019!





Author: showandtell808

Telling one story at a time. Connecting with people of like mind or connecting with people to put me in check! Thanks for joining this journey!

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